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My Beer Song

Hey me mates!
Hoist you mugs and hold them high.
Here’s a toast to beer, though I don’t know why;
I hate the taste and it will leave your brain to fry.

I don’t want to drink it,
I’m wild enough as it is,
I just like to talk bout it.
I’m not here to judge or rebel,
I just think the idea,
The abstract concept, is swell.

And what do you know,
That’s what it does;
My friend Dave O’Brian
Now can’t touch his toes.

I’m not sure this needs a chorus,
You probably wish it didn’t,
But this is how it goes.

Here’s a toast to beer.
So hold an empty mug way up high.
Don’t ever drink it,
It tastes the worst
And it will leave you brain to fry.
Just joke with me about it,
And I’ll be so happy I could die.

So now that I’ve sung my song
And got all the old folk mad at us,
‘cause they think it’s wrong,
let me tell you something about this song.
There never was a tune, there isn’t really a song.
I never even meant it to go on this long.
So tell you parents not to worry, I’ll never sing this long, wrong, beer song!!!
 by Moridin

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