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Bush's Budget Proposal

Author: Kendra (neverperfect.com)
Written For: English 104 (College Freshman English I)
Date Written: 02/12/2002

Bush’s budget proposal, which contains a raise of 2.13 trillion for defense is not a good thing.  I know that he has our country’s best interest in mind, but he should save money for the other programs as well.  In addition, there has to be a better way to proportion the money.  I am sure the increase in defense most likely will help to better protect our country, but at what cost?  The United States will lose the money needed to help fund educational programs, as well as put us back in deficit spending.  

Firstly, the United States should take back some of that 2.13 trillion for education.  Why should we let our educational programs go downhill?  Aren’t children the future of America?  I think Bush should realize that and save some money for education.  If more and more money continues to be taken away from educational programs, soon there will be no more educational programs.  For example, I am able to attend Cal Poly Pomona because I receive the Cal Grant.  What happens if the United States doesn’t have enough money to keep the Cal Grant program running?  That leaves me with no choice, but to not attend college because I won’t have the money. I am sure I wouldn’t be the only one in such a situation.  That is why we need to save money for educational programs.

Secondly, we don’t want our country to be back in deficit spending.  That isn’t a good place to be.  Deficit spending is when we are playing with money that isn’t actually there.  We can’t allow the United States to get too deep into debt.  It is very dangerous playing with money that isn’t actually really there.  For instance, say a terrible epidemic hits us full force.  We need to spend millions of dollars to create a cure for the illness.  However, we are already really deep into debt, so that puts us in even further.  We don’t want that to happen.  There should be enough money for emergencies.

Thirdly, there still should be money for defense.  Bush should re-do his budget proposal and take away some money from defense, but not all of it.  After all, the United States still needs to be protected.  In light of the terrorist attacks on September 11th, we need to be prepared and ready for anything.  That is why we need some money for defense.

In conclusion, Bush should reconsider his budget proposal.  He shouldn’t make other programs suffer because of the raise in defense spending.  The President should figure out a way to keep our defense system stable, and find out a way to keep other programs in the United States safe.
 by Kendra

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Subject: degeneration June 02nd, '03 10:11am

It is truely a sad day in America; this was actually turned in for an assignment.

Half the harm that is done in the world is due to people who want to feel important. ~T.S. Elliot
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Subject: actualities of a federal goverhnemtn March 11th, '04 12:02am

1) Are you aware that *federal* education budget under Bush has increased more than any other president? How much is enough!?
2a) That the federal government is not required to spend any moeny on education? It is a state/local responsibility; the federal governemnt does spend huge sums subsidizing the states, mostly providing assistance to poor districts.
2b)As for you personally, are you aware the Calgrant is a state grant, that Bush has zero control over? if that gets cancelled, blame the spendthrift of ousted gov. Davis & California legislature!
3) What is the main point, purpose, reason of existance, for the federal government? If you did not say, "providing for the common defense" you are wrong. Doesn't matter what you *feel*, just what the constitution says.
4) We are in a war. Just because we are doing exceptionally well, doesn't make it not so. It makes sense to increase money for defense during a war, of all times!
5) The former president undertook several military operations (notably Bosnia & Kosovo) without a corresponding increase in defense spending. Our military needs to be brought up to par, and up to date; we are fighting a new kind of war, it makes sense to buy new equipment & training.
6) People can educate their own children, or pay for it themselves. No one may start or even fund their own army. (That's called a gang.)

God Save the Kiwis!!
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