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Sex: Just Do It

Author: Kendra (neverperfect.com)
Written For: English 105 (College Freshman English II)
Date Written: 05/16/2002
Position: Anti-Argument

Sex is a very controversial subject.   Some people think it is perfectly fine to have sex before marriage, while others look down upon it.  Marcia Garrett was raised in a strict, religious household.  She learned that it was horrible to have sex before marriage and that if she did so, God would damn her.  However, one day she met a handsome, charming young man.  He was everything she could have ever wanted and more.  Marcia fell in love with the young man and subsequently decided to have sex with him before they were married.  They were truly in love with each other.  One day, her mother found out of about her sexual journeys and had a fit.   Marcia was so upset and hurt by her mother’s actions that she left home permanently.  Five years later, she married that same young man and they have lived happily ever after.  That just goes to show you that sex before marriage doesn’t harm relationships.  Sex is actually fine before marriage and should be done more often.

Individuals shouldn’t have to wait until they are married to have sex.  If a person waits, it just takes the fun out of their life.  Sex is a very fun “activity” that keeps a person’s mind and body stimulated.  It has various ways of awakening the brain and body.  Sure it isn’t actually studied, well not that I know of, but it is the truth.  Think about it, when you are getting turned on your brain is running 100mph and your body is physically hyped up.  Sex is a great experience.

When a couple has sex they feel closer to one another.   They feel as if they are one, which in actuality they are when they are having sex, and they feel so many things for their significant other.  In their brain, they have a little power point presentation going on.  All they can think about is their life up to that very moment.  The person thinks about every interesting, exciting, fabulous thing they have done with their spouse.   So, why should a person be denied such joy?  Simple answer, they shouldn’t be denied that joy.

Some people say, “What if I am not with that person in five years?”  So, who cares if you are not with that person in five years?  I mean, live in the now.  People aren’t going to look into your head and get your sexual diary.  A person doesn’t know what is going to happen in five years.  They may be dead or they may be with someone else, either way don’t worry about it, just take the risks.  For example, a person doesn’t know if they are going to die in five years, so they live in the now.  Why can’t people live in the now on other subjects, such as sex?

Scientific studies then come into play.   Apparently if a person has sex before marriage their relationship will fail.  In addition, the “so-called” studies say that people who have sex before marriage don’t enjoy it as much when they finally do enter marriage.  I totally disagree with both statements.  Personally, I know of people who have had sex before marriage and their marriage didn’t fail.  I think people use the statistics too much, just so they have some substantial information to support their views.  Furthermore, I think that people that have sex before marriage still enjoy it a great deal once they do enter marriage.  It is good either way because after all, sex is good.   In addition, the couple probably experiences a different type of sex once they enter marriage.  For example, Johnny and Susie frequently had sex before marriage, but then they finally got married.  On their wedding night, they had sex as a married couple for the first time.  The happiness that they shared really showed in their sex; their joy overflowed and they experience a whole deeper type of sex, emotionally.

Some may say, “Well, a relationship shouldn’t be based on sex and that love waits.”  Well, sure your relationship shouldn’t be based on sex, but that doesn’t mean that sex isn’t an added advantage to your relationship.  So, love waits, sure, but that doesn’t mean that love won’t still wait if you go along and finally have sex.  If a man loves a woman and vice versa, the sex shouldn’t affect their relationship in any bad ways.

People say that, “Sex before marriage has negative affects on society.”  However, some people disagree. Studies say, “Sex before marriage causes abortions, high birth rates, and child abuse.”  Furthermore, they say that there are 1.4 million abortions in the United States every year.  Those cases may not even be totally related to individuals that do have sex before marriage.  It is utterly wrong to say that those statistics are only for people that have taken the dive into sex before marriage.  I am almost positive that those statistics also apply to other types of people.  

Onto another part of the whole controversy, the bride should shed her blood on her honeymoon.  So, what does that particular sentence mean?  It simply states that the bride should be a virgin when she is married, so she can lose her virginity on her honeymoon.  A lot of people agree with that statement in some ways, but not in others.  Yes, the bride should shed her blood for the one she loves, but what if she loves someone and isn’t married?  The bride should be able to shed her blood for them as well.  If it is love, it shouldn’t matter if it is in the confines of marriage or not.

In conclusion, sex is a great way to end your workday or spend your weekend.  It should be done more often with the one you love.  After all, sex shows people how much the mean to you.  So, go ahead and show that person you love them.  Spread the word that sex before marriage is okay.   Voice your opinions on the matter and let the world know that sex isn’t something to be ashamed of, nor is it something that should be kept in secret.  Do it and be proud.


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 by Kendra

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