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A Learning Experience

  I’ve learned more than I might have expected this term in Mr. Z.’s class.  From the time I walked into class to this moment as I type this last paper, I’ve enjoyed every week.  Truth be told, I expected little more than a chance to brush up on my writing skills with mere practice.  What I received was more than that.  I feel I’ve improved as a writer, taking another step towards one of my goals in life; to become a published author.

   Mr. Z. gave our class a lot of creative freedom.  He allowed us to choose our own topics rather than assigning them.  He gave us the style of writing he wanted us to use and let our imaginations fly.  This gave me the almost unique opportunity to explore my own mind while creating material intended for critique.  I was able to write about writing papers, why it’s better to type them than use the "scratching style," and even explore my creative side in describing an old faded book lying in a field.  In short, I was able to "write what I know," as my favorite author, Mercedes Lackey, has advised those of her fans who aspire to become authors in their own right.

   Synonym, antonym, and grammar sheets greeted me upon arrival to almost every class, allowing me to brush up on my own vocabulary and grammatical approaches, as well as my social skills.  I paused before offering my answers aloud to give my classmates a chance to muster the courage to speak up for themselves.  I watched them to see if they were simply too self-conscious to say what their answer was or if they simply didn’t know it.  If the first, I waited, looking in their direction and hoping they would gain courage from my example in those cases where the latter held true.  

   Each of our assignments, except for the research paper handed in on the last session, were due at the end of class each night.  This forced me to create first drafts that could pass as final drafts.  Little to no revision was made in each paper before I turned it in.  Sometimes it was all-too clear that my paper had not been rewritten, especially those I wrote in pen, thanks to the scribbled out sections, sometimes nearly impossible handwriting, and awkward wording.  Practice granted me in completing these assignments helped me greatly improve the speed and accuracy of my writing.  If I ever become a published author, the amount of time it takes me to complete my work and revise it before submitting to an editor will make a huge impact on whether or not my work is accepted.

   All told, I’ve learned a good bit in this class, and more than fulfilled the expectations I had at the beginning to simply become a better writer.  I find my words flow just a little bit easier, and my grammar is just a tiny bit better.  It may not be entirely perfect, but my work certainly shows to my eyes at least that this has been a learning experience I have benefited from.
 by GoldenPanther

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