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Its The End Of The World As We Know It!

Somethign strange is happening in southern California, and if you are an avid new watcher you know what I am talking about!  There seems to be a scared feeling in many of the residents here, and the news reporters, well they keep that smile on their face and the face the unknown.

Chanel 4 (NBC) has 9 people dedicated to this story, and weather any will come out alive is not known.  Chanel 7(ABC) has a choper, and 6 brace reporters, reporting on this strange world shaking event.

Doomsday people, swear that this will alter the the face of the earth.  

What is this event?  Well its a four letter word that I dont know if I can say on this site.  Its a word that might actualy make some southern californians move.  But I am brave enough to fave this four letter word head on.  

Although I am scared of it as well as all the other 20 million people in California are. I am brave enough to talk about it.

The word....



 by CityCowboy

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