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K is for Kat

Marina del Ray, CA

Somewhere between 4am and 8am Thursday morning, good became bad and right became wrong.  Something had obviously happened.  Dictionary.com, an Internet site used as a reference for definitions and pronunciation, had been hacked.  Somehow, a hacker known only as "GP" allegedly managed to get through their security and access their databases.

"GP", a self-styled "pseudo-hacker" claimed responsibility for the Internet vandalism, defining himself as "The Great and Powerful one" through Dictionary.com’s own systems.  He (or she) also managed to alter the records of the site, attributing the new definitions to "The Casseus Universum."  The changes made were easily reversed, since the perpetrator left instructions to restoring the database.

"I just don’t get it," said John Doe, CEO of Lexico Publishing Group, owners of the site.  "It looks like he wanted us to sweat it out, but he managed to help us clean our database…  I don’t know if I should curse him or thank him."  When asked if he thought the company would press charges, he responded, "Sue him?  Shoot, I want to hire him!"

Internet users were, on the whole, rather confused by the morning’s events.  "I knew there was a problem when I went to look up ‘cat’ and found it spelled ‘k-a-t.’  My instructor at Westwood really got on my case for that one when I turned in my paper," said one student interviewed.

This is not the first time Lexico Publishing Group has had problems with hackers.  Thesaurus.com, another of its sites, was hacked only a month prior to this incident.  Fun was listed there as being synonymous with sex.  Company officials report that the security hole used by both hackers has been dealt with.  They refused to comment on the possibility that their wireless network set up by a consulting company named "Three Guys, a Cable, and an IP Address" was at fault.
 by GoldenPanther

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Subject: Hmm, is this one of your fantasies? May 21st, '04 5:49am

I thought it was really funny, and that someone should start making comments on others' works of literature. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you and all that rot. Anyway, nice story, very funny, but you never even rated my beer song, if you read it at all. :( I'm gonna go eat worms. MMMmmm!!! Worms! Delicious worms, oops, Urissa's here, gotta run or she wont let me eat them. "My worms! I want them, no you can't have them! Go awa...."

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