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     Writer's Corner - The newest addition to LRC's growing list of features, Writer's Corner is a place to post works from school, writings you've done for fun, poetry you're particularly proud of... anything and everything. It's commentable, it's rated by your peers, and if you're shy about your work, you can post it anonymously!
Journals - Our own web journal system, designed to resemble existing journal sites, but with a few additional features. You can post individual journal entries privately, mark the entire thing private so that it's not searchable (private journals are pretty important in our own opinions) or you can just post the whole thing for the world to see (and comment on)!
Memos - A site-wide messaging system (wherever you are on the site, you can get your messages) that's fully integrated with the CheesyCafe Chat system, Profile system, and even Private Mail (our not-quite email system for exchanging internal messages with each other)!
CheesyCafe Chat - A beautiful web-based chat system with IRC style commands (/me grins) that also lets you send memo's to anyone else currently logged into the site!
Cliques - Our own innovative message board system similar to existing "clubs" systems, but with far more features!
As you can see, Love really rocks at the Cafe!!!

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