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tigrophin talks

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Jul 10th, 2006 6:58 am - Pacific Time Journal
interviews and views on life after my umpteen-hundreth rejection letter

friends are getting married and i just bought the tickets for flying out to indiana or illinois or something with an I over in the mid eastern states...tickets were >600.00 which is abominal...

still no jobs, got 3 more rejection letters. im starting to dread getting letters from schools/school districts, cuz they only send letters when you AREN'T hired...

randy is happy at his job, which is nice...

im worried how to afford rent next month while still paying for insurance, cuz when randy lost his job we ate thru our savings for the insurance, which is equal to or greater than our 1 month rent payment, since it only happens once a year its not bad, but the once a year is happening now so im a bit worried about finances this month...

i wish i had a job to help contribute to household finances...

mom's boyfriends daught got married on saturday, to the father of her 4 year old, thank God...

the more wedding i see, the more i adore my own...

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Jun 26th, 2006 8:34 am - Pacific Time Journal
so whatever

there is no one on this site, why do io keep posting...partly a love of futility, partly a desperate bid for attention, partly out of respect for the fast-fading ties that once bound...
done with job from hell...
heading to El Salvador in 2 weeks...
have no job or job prospects for the coming year, other than subbing, which still pays more than previous job, however, doesn't count for squat in the teaching world...
only job postings seem to be with the added qualifications of 3-5yrs of full time teaching (with the disclaimer Substituting Does NOT Count)

sigh, im melencoly, meloncoly, meleancoholy? and far too lazy to look up the spelling of the word since no one but my conscience will read this anyways............................................................................................................................................................................

Updated June 26th, '06 7:40pm ( 1 ) Comments

Jun 9th, 2006 4:36 pm - Pacific Time Journal

the play is tonight, no one listened to my ideas about it... it will be shoddy and amaturish but oh well, supposedly thats what elementary plays look like.

i guess i was 'spoiled'

sometimes its ok to spoil others, especially if it costs you nothing to help others....

Updated June 10th, '06 3:38am ( 0 ) Comments

Jun 2nd, 2006 8:20 pm - Pacific Time Journal
end of the year~~i actually survived

nuff said, since no one reads this anyways
i lasted a whole year at that backwards insane asylum
i wish someone would hire me for next year though...

Updated June 03rd, '06 7:22am ( 0 ) Comments

Mar 4th, 2006 7:38 am - Pacific Time Journal
good program, good reference letter, mean person-who-shall-remain-nameless

my kiddies stole the show on friday, yesterday when they performed. they were fantastic. they sang a brooks an dunn only in america, let us pray by steven curtis chapman, and the pirates who dont do anything, by reliant k. after the exhausting school day( it was raining hard, so i found out that teachers on that day get no breaks for anything ) i had a job interview at a montessori school in diamond bar.
they loved me. im not so sure that i want the job tho, it was more validation for me. i would get 33k a year and health bene's (they take out 80$ a mnth, and id have a 10-20$ copay), howver, it is in diamondbar, whihc is an hour commute in no traffic. so if the job was from 8-430 it would really be 6am-6pm cuz those are prime traffic times. and the other thing that makes me queasy is that i would be team teaching with a montessori trained teacher and we would share a class of 30 kids ranging from kinder to 2nd grades... i dont really even like k or 1st grades, cuz so much is rote a,a,a,a,a,b,b,b,b,c,c,c,c and kinder is more like babysitting...so this e\really wa smore a vlidation that the districts for the past two years were not just being nice brushing me off with, we love you you interview well, but you have not a whit of experiance, so we cant hire you, now i do have experiance, so i should be hireable by public schools....heres hoping...cross my fingers
im gonna fly

Updated March 04th, '06 6:48pm ( 0 ) Comments

Feb 24th, 2006 7:56 am - Pacific Time Journal
got annually sick

so im in the middle of my annual knock-down-drag-out sickness. prolly caused by 2 weeks of 12 hour workdays becuase of parent teacher conferences, then exposure to 40 degree mornings where i am required to stand outside for two hours each morning, not allowed to even go inside when there is freezing wind, and all the kids are cold. sigh. i have been sick since last saturday, and i went to school all this week anyways, cuz we have no subs. i tried to goto school yesterday and kennedy was just like so feeling better? and i said no, and he said too bad, and then he started walking away and i said if i keep feeling this bad im gonna need to use one (of my two) sick days (a year) to have tomorrow off. he freaked out and said no, you need to go home today and get some rest and be here tomorrow. i said im already here, woke up and came, and  i think it would be better to take off tomorrow, randy isnt home today and he will be tomorrow, and kennedy said no, you obviously cant teach today, go home, get all well and come back tomorrow all better. so i went home and cried yesterday. rested some, but not as much as i coulda, cuz i had already woke up and dressed and left the house...and today i woke up and called kennedy and said i cant come in im still real sick, and he said to have a sick day you need a DOCTORS NOTE TO VERIFY YOUR SICKNESS...
hack hack hack

Updated February 24th, '06 7:04pm ( 1 ) Comments

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