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My Corner of the Forest

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Dec 13th, 2002 9:26 pm - Pacific Time Journal
A month of too much work... and more to come

For the past month, I feel I have been worked to the bone. My last post is nothing compared to my next week. 3 different 'big pushes' (as my mother calls them... makes it feel like I'm in labor at work or something). I have yet to receive all parts to any of them.

1) SC Johnson has some new products going out in Target stores. At first there were to be 4 product coupon sets to arrive by last Wed. Not so.. first I only get 1/2 the total. Then SCJ decided that one of these was not to even be shipped to stores. Needless to say, our efforts to return the 12 boxes of stickers for this product at their expense. Past that, for the other 3, I am still waiting for the other 1/2 of the stickers (so I can ship the rest of the bad one back to them... I hope they shove it up their asses >_<). In the mean time, I stuff what I have into packages. Fun.

2) The company I work for kisses ass. Majorly. More so at xmas than any other. Thats why we are sending 163 different ppl chocolate. Large ass boxes for maybe 5-9lbs of stuff. Amazing logic here. My 2nd is building this one, leaving me to do #1 by myself (read: slow going for both of us).

3) Marketing Department (which operates like a different company and deals w/ many varied clients) is doing the same thing as #2, but add in wine and other goodies. All of which I never see. They are doing this one themselves. Thank the Lord and Lady for that.

Oh... forgot to mention that they don't have the xmas cards to complete them. So it sits, cluttering up 2+ rooms (#2 has 2 rooms on our floor, and I don't know the room it takes up in Marketing).

F*** Kissmyass (Christmas)... wtf is my Yule log, I need to burn something down w/o getting in trouble. And I just know there will be more work the next corner I turn.

</ vent>

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Nov 11th, 2002 7:12 pm - Pacific Time Journal
Mondays Suck

200 x 10 = 400lbs+ of crap I have to mail.

If you read my previous entries (please do ~_^), at my work we have these things called IRC's. Usually they come on cardboard rolls, and tend to have each one stick to another roll. Thats the least annoying part. The core itself, if you are trying to send a lot of rolls to one place, is the worst of the worst. So we 'de-core' tons. It's better than what we use to do: crush and shove in envelopes.

Anyways, I and my 2nd Dustin had to have de-cored 1000+ rolls in 2 days. And stuffed 175+ packages. Over the past week and a half. A lot of it done by me since he works part-time. And now, tomorrow, I get to post it all.
To top it off, some higher-up signed up my ass to have had it all out (the client she works for rather) on friday. Nice... thank you for that, dumbass.

Then the next cycle mail. I need a vacation again already. !_!

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Nov 3rd, 2002 4:29 pm - Pacific Time Journal
Getting Trashed on Halloween: A How to guide + comments on my birthday

Jack & Coke + 2 Long Island Ice Teas + Smirnoff Ice / 1 hour = how to get really trashed!  Really.

I decided for my birthday (Helloween, or Sam Hain to those of that path) that the part at a local Karaoke Bar was best bet. My sister had helped decorate (which was done well). I had the above mixture in the first hour. I same we will rock you poorly (and mind you realized just how drunk I was by then >_<) With that said, I still had a fun time. Some of the lady's were dressed to impress in costume, but it was all the older ones that I'd not go for !_!.

anyhow, thats all for now. I got a PS2 now that is waiting for me... soon as I can get my nephew off of it >_<.

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Oct 24th, 2002 9:18 pm - Pacific Time Journal
Work slow, benefits good, and what am I to do for Sam Hain????

Wow, been a while since I posted to the journal. Amazing ^_^

Anyhooters, work has been slow past week. My boss was out for a week (Mum in law passed on) and my only other source of work, Stephy, is out because of surgery (She's got her oven removed *winks*). So that entire week I was w/o work. And now I am.

Benefits, rather I should say mail of info about (medical, dental, Accidental Death & Dismemberment), out to people has been my work. The Psycho mailing has hardly anything. So I sit there, sealing envelopes (To my horror today: I found out they were trying to glue stick, lick, and shut the envelopes. Same ones I can shoot out at 2.5/sec through my machine and seal easier o.O). Yeah. I can't wait for the weekend -_-.

Another note: My B-Day, Halloween, is coming up AND I HAVE NOTHING PLANNED!!! There's a potato potluck the day of, and I'm taking off the next day. But nothing to do !_! any suggestions (invitations?)?

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Oct 9th, 2002 8:48 pm - Pacific Time Journal
Back to work... Unprepared for the horror

Yep, went back to work after my short vacation. And I truly was not ready for the worst of the worst. Or things that happened nearly 9 months ago to come back to bite my ass. Let me explain:

Meter strips... fun things really. We at work post, for general and priority mail, money (so to speak) to these things
Guess what we ran out of? Yep, meter strips.
So, not 15 minutes into work I'm having to drive (short drive, but not direct... you have to hit this place from a certain side... you can't cross traffic because of a center median) to Office Depot to see if I can find some replacements. Not fully possible, I find out. I come close but they don't even look like what we use
Ours are long strips that come two post-able 'strips' each.
The ones I found come with 2 LONGER strips, but instead of short end, these are placed side by side on their long side (with a little unusable part dead center)
So, I had to CUT THESE DAMM THINGS TO SIZE just to use them..... and it gets better.

We have tried, 4 TIMES, to get more strips from PFE Ascom.
This next bit of info will show up later as relevant: Back in January I goofed and ordered from PFEAsscon (hehehe) Thermal labels he have to use for send things via UPS. We returned them.
Back to today: Just before I left for office depot, we faxed over yet another order (they don't do phone orders) to PFE for these strips. They have told us before that they never received them. When I returned from OD, the shock set in:
They couldn't... and I think wouldn't... send us the stuff... We had an outstanding invoice from April. You know, they didn't say this before. If my boss hadn't called right after they received the fax I don't we would have ever known. Really... fucked... up!

Now, take info from before: When we returned those labels, they gave us a credit (for $800... I was shocked that these things cost that much o.O). So, Grendelia in accounts payable, didn't pay the invoice. And rightfully so, as we had a credit.
So: We have a credit to the account that doesn't seem to be honored, Boss is like "WTF?", and I spent the morning cussing up a storm >_<

Side note: Do not drink Jack Daniel's Hard Cola. It can be made cheaper with a bottle of Jack Daniel's and a 2-liter of Coke. And it must contain some opiate since I cannot stay awake after drinking one. >_<

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Oct 3rd, 2002 3:33 pm - Pacific Time Journal
Ahhh... vacation.

Leading up to my mini vacation has been hell. For the first 3 days this week I have been mailing sh!t non-stop. I got the monthly (Psycho) mailing out in one day. With help, mind you, but we did it. The Wal-Mart team was out the next. And past that, I think The Fates had everyone else, unknowingly, think that this was the time to send out everything they had. I must have blown through $2k in postage. Ahh well, It's over for nearly a week ^_^


My vacation started out nice. I changed at work and went over to my friend Brian's house to just kick it. He gave me an early birthday present: Diablo II expansion Lord of Destruction. Righteous! After we played more than a few games of M:TG (in which he made an error in not killing me with his DD red deck one turn, with the next finding me attacking him with my only creature in play... that had been pumped up with Unholy Strength. He had no creatures and 2 life, so an attack by a 3/2 did him in XD). After his 'rents came back with pizza, we all watched the Angels Yankee's game in awe. Percevel did an excellent job in throwing pitches. Save for the one that hit the batter in the shoulder *still cringes at the mental sight of it hitting*.

And now, I have no idea what to do. I went shopping for my father’s birthday present, came back empty. Coming home, I am now alone in the apartment. *Shrugs* I have no idea where they went. My sister prolly to work, but my ‘rents should have been back from my mom’s doctors appointment by now. *Shrugs again, breaks out the Tequila and Margarita mix* Heheheheheh.

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