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I yodel, therefore I am

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Jul 29th, 2002 3:58 am - Eastern Time Journal
Just a Regular day

Dear Diary,

Today a drag queen attacked my head, and I touched a strange man's butt.

That was after my coworker came to work drunk.


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am - Pacific Time Journal
Well, other people are playing solitaire.

I'm doing my first journal entry from a computer on school property. The only reason I don't feel bad about contributing to the massive technology shortage on campus is that someone in front of me is playing solitaire on their computer.  You don't need a computer to play solitaire.  Get a deck of cards, man!  I myself carry my deck of cards with the pictures of the "Catalina Express" on them wherever I go.  It reminds me of summers past, summers yet to come, and it makes a wonderful conversation piece should I decide to indulge in a bit of solitaire in between classes.  

I remeber in the seventh and eighth grades, my friends, my nerdy, atypical friends and I would play canasta before class every day.  Our parents, our disturbed, deeply worried parents would drive us to school about an hour early every morning so that we could have a proper canasta tournament before the first period bell rang.  We'd usually be able to get in about two rounds this way, three if we played an amended version of the game.  Sometimes, we'd even get together after school to continue a game that for some reason proved to be a marathon of tricks.  

See, looking back on it, I understand why we weren't popular: we played old-lady card games for goodness sakes when we could have been talking about cute boys, the mall, or looking so good.  But, really, I can't think of a better way to start the day then a circle of friends, locked in fierce competition, ready to trounce each other for sport.  

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