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I yodel, therefore I am

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May 9th, 2003 7:54 am - Pacific Time Journal
I wanna go home

I got up at 6 am this morning to work on my thesis after having gone to bed at 1.  Rinse.  Repeat for several days back in the past.  4 am rise, 2 am sleep bad.  Brain slowly detatching from spinal chord to pursue new life of freedom and happiness.  

Yesterday?  Two days ago?  my roomate asked me a question and my answer was a resounding, "eghel...huh?"  The funny thing is, I understood the question.  I had an answer formed.  It just came out as "eghel...huh?"  

Maybe I need coffee.  I always need coffee.  I've been getting the medium, but maybe it's time to trade up for the large.  Just 17 more pages.  Home stretch.  I have 33 written, goal 50 (not including bibliography).  It's so paltry when you think of it that way.  In 17 hours, I could be done with a draft.  So soon, I will be able to reward myself with 10-12 hours of sleep, followed by tv, followed by the new Matrix (which better not let me down like those movies by that Lucas fellow).  

Remember Monday is Doneday.

Updated May 09th, '03 6:04pm ( 1 ) Comments

May 8th, 2003 12:51 am - Eastern Time Journal
I am not amused

Now the age is fixed on my journal, but it says that I'm a male.  Although it's true that I'm not much more girly than the average male, I would appreciate a clarification in status.  

Updated May 08th, '03 8:54am ( 1 ) Comments

May 5th, 2003 10:38 pm - Eastern Time Journal
I'm old, I swear!

For some reason my profile says that I'm 17, and I can't fix it.  Although I do have an affinity for the age of 17, as in dancing queen, I am no longer that youthfull.  That's right, kids, I'm a solid 22 years old.  Hooray for the Palendrome Year!  

Updated May 06th, '03 6:41am ( 0 ) Comments

May 4th, 2003 10:29 pm - Eastern Time Journal
Blah on each and every one of you.

I am suffering from a great mental fatigue, citizens.  

It's more than that though; it's almost a mental paralysis.  I have too much to do, and my mind is going in so many directions these days that I don't quite know which way to turn and what to do first.  I keep on skipping around between projects, a little bit of chapter 3 here, a bit of another paper I'm doing there, and not finishing any one of them.  I need about a week to sit in a room with nothing else to do but write, which I could almost do if I didn't have class.  I also keep on doing stupid things to keep from my work, like cleaning, or trying on old clothes, or writing in this instead of doing the writing that I need to do (although I think that this is almost like a stretch for my mental muscle).  Grr, Argh.  More later.

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Apr 27th, 2003 7:45 pm - Eastern Time Journal
Oh my aching psyche.

I'm mildly wired on coffee right now.  I don't want to work any more, so I think I'll kill a bit of time by telling a nice story on here.  It's true too.  See last quarter, I took this weight lifting class in order to realize my year-long ambition of being able to beat up my friends and family.  

It was the first day, and after they instructed us on how to do some simple excercizes with free weights and how to work a few of the weight machines, they gave us our own logs so that we could record what weight we had reached for each excercize throughout the course of the class.  We were then supposed to either grab some free weights or a free machine and gage for ourselves what starting weight we would need for each excercize.  

I walked towards a machine on the far end of the room, assuming that it would be free because of its lack of proximity from the knot of confused future weightlifters.  As I strolled over towards the machine, I looked down at the log, trying to decifer what each of the boxes and columns meant, when wham, the right side of my head smacked into a pole that was part of a bench press machine.

It hit me right at eye level, smashing the right lens of my glasses into my eye area.  At the moment of impact, I immediately worried that the lens would break right on my eye causing me eternal damage, but the lens itself emerged with only another scratch on it.  Relieved, I departed to the lockeroom bathroom to clean the lens.  When I put the cleaned glasses back on my face, however, I realized that they didn't quite lock into place on my ears when I put them on my nose strait on.  I took them off again to see how that could be, and I realized that the frame had been slightly bent.  

I need new lenses anyway, so I wasn't too dismayed.  Unfortunately, I haven't gotten around to changing them yet.  Alright, story time is over.  

Updated April 28th, '03 4:40am ( 0 ) Comments

Apr 24th, 2003 7:26 pm - Pacific Time Journal
The Money Tree and Its Ripening Fruit

For my thesis (no I will not be talking about any thing else for at least two weeks), I really need these tapes which the Berkeley library will only sell to me not lend (long story).  So my thesis advisor called several librarians and the Office of Intellectual Development here at UCLA, and it turns out they may buy the whole set for me.  Twenty dollars a tape, 153 tapes.  You do the math.  This is a major score because officially the maximum for this type of thing is $250.  

The really great thing too is that this would be a seperate purchace from the $250, so I can spend that money on something else.  Maybe even more because my advisor has several other students who aren't using their money, so I might be able to use some of that too.  With this money, I'm buying everything Spanish Civil War related that I can find and give the library a small SCW collection.

Then maybe future students won't have to drive all the way up to Berkeley to deal with those people.  I'm hoping they'll name the new collection after me.  That would look pretty nice on a grad school application!

Updated April 25th, '03 6:36am ( 0 ) Comments

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