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Sep 6th, 2002 1:28 am - GMT +9 Gibberish
what have I been up gibberish to lately?

so much has happened since last I checked in... I was chasing that bloody gnome again i found im on a side street in some town or another and was chasing him but lost him again... slippery little devils i tells ya...    see I told you gnomes were bad... this
other gnome i think was like a relative of that slippery little devil I ran
into, i got something really nasty in mind to do to him next time i grab
him... well i am a pirate im allowed to think of nasty things... hey c'mon stop looking at me... hehe sorry i got a pet eyeball... from an adventure gee must have been almost at the beginning of my career as a Pirate... but
i dont really think everyone wants me to ramble out another story... so ill get back to reality... when i find that damn door... or my marbles might help... argh... hehe (pirate speak) oh yes hahahaha *deep belly kinda
pirate's laugh*
anyway so this other gnome squeals to me of the gnomes location... a week upside down off the side of the bow helped him come to that decision... so anyway i was on my way there when my ship got sucked into some weird dimensional portal thing... some wizard apprentice must have made a mistake somewhere... always me i guess... so there i was on some unknown stretch of ocean... really dark too i couldnt see nuthing... so anyway there we was and all of a suddenboom there we were back in regular time... i think.. i was like it never happened... it was kind of a shame really i could have used an adventure but i guess it wasnt the day for it... so i went back to my port of call and looked for some fun..  
wow i must be getting old... at least i can still actually remember things i think, i mean it takes a faily average memory to remember the boring adventures as well as the good ones...
still... no memory loss... at my age thats pretty good... if you want to know my secret to living a long life you have to talk to those Sirens in the middle of some ocean i dont remember which one exactly.... nice bunch.... cant sing though... damn shame... well i think i hear a brawl in progress...
might go join in... Cheerio Lads... and Ladies...

Resident Pirate... but a nice one... most of the time...

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Sep 5th, 2002 11:19 am - GMT +9 Gibberish
always gibberish about the time i met one of them Damn gnomes

hello there again ye land creatures of the Cafe...
good ole' Cap'n Yellowbeard is here again to tell you a story... all about gnomes... nasty and vile creatures that
they are... or maybe i just met the wrong gnomes... anyway i met a gnome once, and the little devil told me a secret... of treasure and the lot, so
me an' me crew set off in search of this here gold and other assorted items,
without knowing that little gnome stowed aboard me ship, (just to watch he
tells me later), and not knowing it the stinking map he gave us went to a
deserted island... except for that pesky dragon.... one of the Red kinds,
not the noble Golds, and the thing tried to eat me... my crew managed to
vanish, being imaginary and the lot... i was lucky to get away i was...
staring into that great beasts face as he grabbed me and was about to eat
me, thats when i gave up on life and sang the oldest Tune from the sea that
i knew... sad little ditty it is too... *sniff* brings a tear to my eye now
just thinking of it... *cough* anyway as i was singing my little tune the
dragon stopped... he was crying... never heard of a dragon do that before...
but it saved my life my singing did... made friends with that dragon... i go
there every year or so to sing him another song or two... though my voice
isn't hardley any good... too much ale you see... and that little gnome...
hehe... was cornered by my crew he was... and did he scream... little bugger
got away eventually... but boy i wish i could torture him again...
anyway thats my story this time... so no gnomes for me... unless they're
good gnomes.. and must come with a reference of some description... well
cheerio lads... and ladies i must be off... decks to be swabbed and all...

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Sep 3rd, 2002 8:49 am - GMT +9 Gibberish
the gibberish of a drunken pirate

well the decision to write a journal was quick so quick that im not even sure if its a journal im writing in or another one of the cheese's evil plots but i had to find out.
rousing my imaginary crew from their drunken stupor we got to work... we'd need lots of supplies on this trip...
3 hours later and the crew had'nt reappeard from the supply run i began to be suspicious...
finding them in the nearest tavern i got them in line quickly and now the suplies are on board... 300 kegs of ale and some cheetoh's i have a big ship =P
so i set off onto the big wet thing somebody called an ocean.. i just called it home... not knowing where to really look i spun around and around and around and arouandd andd aroouusnnadd ooh im dizzy... but the direction i fell was the way we wanted to go... unfortunately i'd pointed back to land so we went left instead...
the trip was uneventful... and i think those wierd half dog half seagull images were brought on by the ale... but a sailor should be drunk when sailing otherwise well i dont really know an otherwise... met an underwise once... interesting fellow good cook i believe and... oh yeah where was i... so sailing after that thing which i think i remember... excuse me... woah havent been sea sick in years that was fun... shame i managed to get my first mate in the head but hargh hargh it was a good shot blimey
so sailing along until i comes across this deserted looking island... turned out to be tasmania so i kept on sailin... (hehe but i think only australain pirates would get That particular joke...) but blimey wouldn't you guess it im in the middle of nowhere right into the ale you know and all of a sudden theres a big pop and a sound like somebody lettin rip with an emormous fart and right there in front of me was this bloody big floating smelly cheese like oddity and it spoke to me it did it spoke and said it uh said.. oh for syd's sake i cant blimey remember... ohj wait yeah i do.. stupid of me to forget.. it started to sing a bloody song and did a cheesy little dance but was eaten by an even bigger rat of some decription and then something strange floated down in the sky spinning about and all and this wierd ray of green light hit this rat and it fizzled and turned into a watermelon i didnt know what to think... but then i woke up and thought no wonder... bloody dreams... so's anyway i goes outside and see a bloody big cheesey oddity on the bow of me ship and it talked to me saying "why hast thou comest into my domain? dost thou not knowest that i am the most fearsome creature on thy measly planet?" so i looks at im and i says "what makes you the most fearsomest creature... and why are you a big cheese?" i wasnt understanding at all and the next thing i know there was a loud pop and a fizzle and we were back at tasmania... cor blimey i thought... it didnt like them questions... well running low on ale by that stage i decided to give up my search for.. what the bloody hell was i searching for? ah well i wents home i did and stocked up more supplies... lost my crew and fell asleep...
ah well i thought theres always next week for adventure

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