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Journal Jamboree
Mar 26th, 2008 7:02 am - Pacific Time Journal
Bored outta my mind

Ok so im SOOOO bored with everything else on the net now so I thought id visit old sites from the past.  Poor LRC needs a good dusting.  Anywho...Ive been up allnight trying to burn some stupid dvds for the other halfs business and so far i got 3 and 1/2 to show for it.  *kicks puter repeatedly*  And I still have to light scribe them which take about 23 mins per dvd to do and make the covers.  At this rate I will have to burn the disk 24/7 from now until the convention on the 11th.  And that dosent even count the site I have to finish before then and the flyers, business cards, Order forms, and the booklet showing people avaiable for customs.  Someone please shoot me.  Oh and the kick is im almost 34 weeks preggers on top of that.  So yea...Im EXAUSTED!!!!  SOME ONE HELP!!!!!!

Updated March 26th, '08 6:08pm  


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