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My Corner of the Forest

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Journal Jamboree
Sep 4th, 2002 10:02 pm - Pacific Time Journal
Body tired, but mind willing to post

I hate heat. Being as big as I am, I exude enough heat as is. This weather here is killing me. I'm driving home today and pass by OC Fairgrounds and it tells me its 81 degrees. At 5:20 pm, when it’s cloudy. This is not fun. Only thing worse is Texas this time of the year. Last time I was there (FYI: most of my extended family, both sides, lives in some part of Texas) it was raining at 91 degrees in the summer. It was hot rain, not the refreshing kind.

Anyways back to the head. I have a hard time sleeping in heat. That’s why my hair is usually short: I get insomnia from the heat retention of long (normal length for guys) hair. So for the past 2 nights I have had no sleep. I had to take a nap today after work just to catch up. I yawned up at work so much people noticed. Not to mention I had to (with the help of my 2nd Dustin) to build a cabinet in the evening. Basically, from 1:30 to 5 pm I was overworked. I’m good at it, but I don’t like doing it.

Side note: Dance Dance Revolution is addictive. I finally got a Dance Pad and I am actually using workout mode to (possibly, I hope fugging so) get in shape. Really. Addictive.

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