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Back to Yellowbeard's Journal

Journal Jamboree
Oct 7th, 2002 9:29 pm - GMT +11 Journal
im back again... thought those dead gerbils got me for a while there..

i have been gone for so long yet... nobody noticed i guess i should try to stick my head  in more often... well since you all are hehe Dying to hear my story and since its my journal hehe i get to tell it...
it all started oh the day after i was last in port here... not that i know when that was... well then i sailed out of port as i usually do... but someone had swapped my ship for a boobytrapped model... at least thats what i think happened
anyway sailing along when things just started going wrong...
first the sails came loose and i had to get the crew to re tie the ropes... then the hull popped a seam and i had to spend the rest of the afternoon bailing out water... i dun like doing that but then them strange gods of me oceans decided to play ping pong with me ship using 100 foot waves as the paddles...
now wakin up at the bottom of a wirlpool looking up at the sky is one thing... but losing my ship my crew and all me beer was almost suicidal making me be...
then it came to me... someones playing cruel jokes... not that i knew who...
i decided to wait for the sea to collaspe on itself so i might have a chance to drown or escape from my watery hell hole... hehe get it hell hole haha ahem sorry...
well the waiting game sucks i played fungry fungry hippos... meaning i wanted food... well nothing much happened for a week... then a big fish jumped through and swallowed me... and i found myself in a weird laboritory type thing... and then i woke up on my ship in port and someone gave me ice cream and everything was fine...
then i woke up and i was bruised and battered in a jail cell but the jailor let me out and gave me ice cream and i was happy...
then i woke up...
and here i am... hey is that an ice cream?

Updated October 07th, '02 1:51pm  

October 09th, '02 1:58am
did the boobytrapped model have an assault force in her D-cups?

October 10th, '02 9:13am
perhaps... but then i wasnt thinking of it that way... is there somethin your not tellin us niki?
hargh hargh cough cough hargh ah hah i astound you with my piratey type laugh thing...
nice D-cups though


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