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My Corner of the Forest

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Journal Jamboree
Sep 1st, 2002 8:47 pm - Pacific Time Journal
The HEAT!!!! *fries*

OMG... it was so hot today. I swear I have not felt heat like this in years. It was 85ish at the coast. That’s hot for us. So what do I decided to do? I go the Orange International Street Fair with my sister. Inland. Boy what a fugging mistake that was. No... not fugging. Plain f****ing stoopid!

Oh well. I haven't been to the Street Fair in, what, 10 years (Lots of hate from when I and my mother worked it). The hate, thankfully, doesn't run as deep in my as does hers. Anyhoot: It was nice. I got to try for the first time a Doc-a-rita. Basically it’s a slushy Doc's Hard Lemonade. Very tasty. The fair itself has so much food; it’s hard to go through the list of it all.

While there, my sister and stumbled upon a stand selling Olive oil, Balsamic Vinegar, and Olives. Tastiest stuff you have ever known. We bought some, when got pasta, bread, and salad and had a feast when we got home. That was the better part of the experience.

The heat was hell though.

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