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I yodel, therefore I am

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Journal Jamboree
Aug 5th, 2002 3:05 am - Eastern Time Journal

So since my last entry, I have been battling a cold.  I didn't even get to describe the wonderful day I spent at an intern event last tuesday.  We took a bus tour of downtown LA and saw all of the old and new theatres there.  We heard poetry readings, saw a dance program, ate dim sum etc.  Oh, the things I get paid to do for my work occasionaly.  

And it's strange, but I really do like the other interns and look foreward to seeing them.  That is, all of the interns in my discussion group (randomly assigned group of 10 or so, who share a mentor).  If only I liked the interns who actually work with me that much.  All of the interns at the Ford suck.  Two of them make me want to vommit whenever I see them.  They're too fasionable, and they always look and act like they're about to go clubbing.  The third intern is nice, but unfortunately is all sugar and no spice.  I just don't feel comfortable in front of people around whom I must be unnaturaly sugary just so that they won't be offended.  Fourth intern is nice, but again, I just don't feel any sort of comfort level around him.  It's a shame, because once again, I like all of the other interns I've met.

The day off was not only fun, but it allowed me a much needed cooling off period from work.  I was so frustrated with the job, everyday I was fanticizing about quiting, money be damned.  Since the break, though, I've been much more content.  I think comiserating with all of the other interns helped.  It's good to know that I'm not alone when I have nothing to do in my job for days on end and then have far too much tedious work to do in a short period of time.  Apparently it's a more common experience than the people running the intern program probably even know.

Alright, I'm going to catch up on my rest soon.  I hate the fact that just when you are ill and need the most sleep, it suddenly becomes impossible to sleep a whole night through without having weird dreams or waking up at odd hours.  

Updated August 05th, '02 11:23am  


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