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I yodel, therefore I am

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Journal Jamboree
Jul 31st, 2002 11:17 pm - Eastern Time Journal
The Queen of the Ball

So after my disgustingly long entry from yesterday, I'll make the description of the my recent activities as short as possible.

Sunday night I visited a drag queen bar appropriately named "The Queen Mary."  Geddit, it's the name of a ship, *and they're queens*?!  Yeah, I know, there are some clever, clever drag queens out there.

It started out rather casualy.  Since it was a Sunday night, there wasn't a huge crowd.  As a result they started the drag show rather late.  It was introduced by a strange old man who looked like he had put on only half of his geddup.  And I'm sure he was charming and witty, but he mummbled, making it impossible for me to enjoy his assuredly florid witticisms.

Ah, but then the drag queens appeared.  Such lovely, and yet still manly looking ladies, I'm sure, have never before presented such a stunning showcase.  The lip-syncing set my heart aflutter!  Fortunately that was not all.  In addition to the fabulous ladies on stage, there were a number of drag queens in the audience.

I saw several in the women's restroom (in fact it was an even split between ladies and "ladies" while I was there).  I must say though, I was a bit disapointed by the low level of professionalism that the drag queens in the audience exhibited.  Sure they were wearing bras, but did they put the toilet seat down?  No, they did not.

The clear highlight of the night, however, was the dancing boy who performed in between numbers by the divas with dongs.  He was wearing a choice red vinal cowboy suit fringed with white tassles.  

Oh yeah, did I mention the outfit was butt-less?

No. I don't think that I did.

I have never seen a more tacky, er, original suit of clothes in my entire life.  If I live to be one hundred years old, I will probably never find a more ridiculous, er, interesting outfit.  Oh yeah, and I touched the dancing boy's butt.  He pulled me out on stage, saw that I was embarrassed, and descided to embarrass me more by taking my hand and placing it on his butt.  

Well, if you've gotta make a living by having strangers look at your backside, the least you can do is keep your sense of humor about it.

Then a drag queen attacked my head.  She was imitating Mary Cathrine Gallager from SNL, and she was pretending to randomly make out with me.  Fortunately, no actual lip contact was involved.  I did, however, get smashed into her man-bosoms.  After the whole butt incident though it didn't seem so strange.

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