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My Corner of the Forest

Back to DarkRowan's Journal

Journal Jamboree
Apr 26th, 2003 10:58 pm - Pacific Time Journal
Something to look forward to....

I have yet to know what a breathe of fresh air smells like but a rose in the mornings dew.
I know not what it feels like but the summers soft glow.
I know what picture is next to the phrase in the dictionary.

Work has been tiring lately: With a new team coming aboard, my mailroom partner leaving to get married soon, and just too much coming in to send out at any great speed... it seems at times that all of it is crashing around me for yet another time. I've had so much shit come up that its become a chore keeping up.

There is, however, something to look forward to other than my paycheck. I should say, someone.

Her name is Anne. It wasn't until recently that I realized what she was doing to me. Not that she does this on purpose: Rather her presence is pleasing to me. A part of my brain gets tickled (for lack of a better word), a part that hasn't been in any way used in a while, when I'm around her.

I should go into the story of what happened. Recently there as a week long, multi-team meeting in Mississippi. She, being HR, had to attend. It was in this absence that I realize it all. I'm not one to rush to conclusions, but I do like her a lot. A LOT
A breathe a fresh air I think of it as. Most of my GF's in life have had several things in common: Musical, Poetic, Theatrical, Dark. I have yet to find Anne fit into any of these. Which makes me wonder just what exactly like her so ^_^.

I do know she likes candy.

Ok... bit-o-background. One [of the many] clients from my work is M&M Mars (Candy)so we get shitloads of samples.
Predated samples... I've see what is hitting for Valentines 2004... which brings us to what I did a little over a week ago.

Working in the mailroom has its benefits, such as access to mailboxes, in which I put this small plastic heart filled with Snickers mini's for her to find. I planed on me not being around when she found it. Planed on not being around when she found them. I still can't believe I found myself freaking out when she and I were in the room and she found them. I denied it at first, but then emailed her a little later and confessed to doing it. She appreciated the candy.
Imagine my surprise when I saw her officemate Natasha walk away with it in her purse (so few of them, proximity to Anne, that I knew it was the one I gave). I peeked into their shared office and asked Anne about it. No worries I found: She just didn't like the combo of peanuts and chocolate. Seeing as I was going to the store anyways, I picked up a 3 Musketeers bar (follow my logic here: I want to see just as nice as I really am, and she doesn't like choco/peanut) and gave her that, in the same manner as before. The reaction was twice as much as before. It just happens to be her favorite ~_^, lucky me. So I've been slipping her more candy (to date, counting heart, 5 times) and each time she is gleeful to find it. She even stopped dead in her tracks, mid-sentence, on Friday when she found it. I laughed.

Sometime next week I'll invite her somewhere for coffee. Seems the right thing to do. I just want to get to know her better. And no, I don't mean biblically at the moment >_<

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