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My Corner of the Forest

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Journal Jamboree
Apr 4th, 2003 6:52 pm - Pacific Time Journal
F***ed up week

Just to give you and idea on my stress level just remember this during my post, remember just this:

I care for my sister Crystal a lot. If anything bad is happening to her, I in a way feel it too. Thats the kind of connection I have with her.

So this previous saturday started the hell. She had gone out with her boyfriend Matt and sons to the movies. What came back wasn't my sister. It was my sister in pain and completely weak. Matt was just practically carrying her in. Headache, weakness, nausea. Not good.

The only thing we could think to do was take her to the hospital. She has no insurance but they still took her. And Matt stayed there the whole time (did I mention I like this guy ^_^)
Now... to rule out anything majorly wrong with her, they did a spinal tap. No... not the band, the thing where they take out spinal fluid by needling you.

Moral #1 of story:If you have a spinal tap, make sure they know how to do it. They poked my sis (shoots the gutterbrains now) 5 TIMES!!!

The tap and bloodwork only suggest a viral infection... nothing serious. So they sent her home.

She had to go in the next day (Matt taking and staying with her this time as well) because she was getting no better. They told her that the spinal tap was too rushed and that complicated things.

That was sunday, and just now is she feeling better. And only after they did corrective work (blood patch). They said it work itself out in 5 days. Well, its been five and she's been in pain for the whole thing. Even leaking spinal fluid (under the skin) all week.

Moral #2: If a person tells you something will work itself out in X amount of time, go back and claim that everything is worse in X/2(rounded up) time if nothing has changed. You do not have to sit in pain for no reason.

This morning was the worst. Crys was throwing up, and felt so bad she said "I feel like I am dying." No one needs that.... EVER!!

She's doing a lot better but I still am stressing. Sorry

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