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My Corner of the Forest

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Journal Jamboree
Mar 2nd, 2003 1:18 am - Pacific Time Journal
Reharmonization: Update on life

So... March now. I kept telling myself during the kissmyass rush that I would be fine come the new year. I got so proven wrong. Thank you fates. Really, ladies, I have more to thank than I can gather in my mind.

I have my father back in more ways than one. He came back physically 3 weeks ago, but during his stay in the hospital and nursing home, he came back in greater ways.

I think I garnered an understanding of him, and no longer fear is words. Tho I still disagree with him, I listen more. I understand more of his motives and actions than I have ever in my life.

I know he cares for me as a son, and loves me just the same.

I know he has more than just an inkling that I am Pagan (While still in the hospital, christian's god was mentioned. My mom belied she said, my dad said he did not. "And Jeff... he probably believes in some Druid god or something." I was a deer in headlights: a little closer than I had imagined. ^_^), which is comforting to know when I have to one day say it out loud.

"... I thank thee Fates for the trials you've put me through, for those trials have made me stronger. I thank thee."
Everything in my home life is getting not back to normal, but reharmonized. That is to say better than it was when I... shit I don't know what to call January. A bad dream? Nightmare? Awakening? Mayhaps all of that happened.

My mother came back from the hospital much sooner than dad, at only 5 days. By that point most of the house had already changed. Seizing the opportunity, my sister cleaned up most of the house. Still looks nice.

We (sis and I) painted a good bit of the hallways just before dad came back. That helped so much.

And Dad gets to go back to work Thursday. ^_^
Work is still taxing, and as much as I gripe, I take it in stride. We have had several people leave (Notably Cornilia... the cutie that became a sociopath by the time she left, stealing so much from the office it was sickening). But I digress, I got a cool job and good pay and good benefits ^_^.

and I get a Tax refund... soon I hope ^_^.

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