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My Corner of the Forest

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Journal Jamboree
Jan 12th, 2003 10:31 pm - Pacific Time Journal
Happy ******* new year -_-

Lemmie see if I can give a basic rundown of events for the past 30 days for me.

First my sister lost her job at the Radio station. They laid off her and more than a few other people who were making money. Best bets are on a sale of the station, bases on emails sent in and around that time.

'But Wait! There's more!' I did not have a happy new years. I got sick. Bronchitis, and a rather bad case of it at that. In fact, I still have it. Went to the doctors, and got an antibiotic, antihistamine (Benadryll only stronger), and an Inhaler... like you'd see on someone with Asthma. Thats how bad I feel at the moment. Sleep is not easy for me at all, with my coughing keeping me up half the night.

Then my mother has to be sick as well. But I will make light of it considering she's in an electric wheelchair (since I was 15)... She's got more important things to think about.

All of which leads to my most happiest thought: My father. He's in the hospital. Cellutitis, def: Infection of the soft tissues. 2 places on my fathers foot have gone from fire red to purple. He had to admitted to the hospital yesterday. He, right now, is so close.... no, I dare not think that. NO.

*wipes tears from eyes* He has trouble breathing, coughs a lot. Sleep, even in the hospital right now, is hard for him. I haven't had a chance to visit yet, but I will soon. Hopefully he will be out in 4-5 days. But even then, he might not be back to work for a month!!! Given the above (Sister out of work, mom gets a small check from SS), I will be the only one with a substantial income for a while.... unless my sister finds a job.

Sorry if this sounds like a sob story. I just need to get it into writing.

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