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My Corner of the Forest

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Journal Jamboree
Aug 30th, 2002 7:02 pm - Pacific Time Journal
Goddess, why did this happen again???

Why is when I buy software, I get good stuff. But when I go for the hardware I completely screw up??

Case in point: I bought an all-in-one printer (print/copy/scan) yesterday at Target. What can I say, it was on sale ^_^. Here's the kicker: No power cord... no USB connector. I can understand the second, since it does not need to be connected to the comp to work, but power cord???

Ok... second stupid thing I've done because of this: I just came back from Fry's Electronics (Watches TCC cringe with hate ^_^) to at least get a power supply. Well, I've got an AC adapter... but it won’t work with this damm thing. *growls* So I may just end up taking the thing back and getting a new one that HOPEFULLY will have the power cord.

This same s*** happened when I got my new comp. It was a kinda closed door deal. I got a nice refurbished (read: used like new) comp and it just went wacked on me: It kept crashing for no apparent reason. And I had a hella fun time getting back to the guy I bought it from (through middle man Coworker) to get the damm thing fixed. At least the zip drive I got worked ok.

Other than that: I got to leave a half-hour early today. Kim, head high mistress of staffing/slave labor, called me up (or, actually, it was the receptionist upstairs putting me through to her after a PA over the office loud speakers that nearly made me s*** my pants... why do they have to be so LOUD!) NEways, Kim was all nice but she told me "I'm coming down in 10 minutes, and you better be gone... buster." *Blink* I know she was somewhat kidding, but it was weird. And I know she was serious about the 10 mins, because my 2nd, Dustin, came down 5 mins later and told me that there was 5 mins to go. He had been in her office at the time of the call. Nice.

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