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My Corner of the Forest

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Journal Jamboree
Dec 13th, 2002 10:08 pm - Pacific Time Journal
Side notes: "Earth and Beyond" and "Crescent Lake"

I'll do it in reverse order:

This has been my home for, what, 4 years. I joined the RPG community there a short 4 months after its inception. I have see its highs, met fascinating ppl (One of which is Dani, to whom I call Kindred and friend),... and seen it's lows. And whoa, have the lows been there for a while. In a effort to give some breathing room to revamp the site, two years ago the Dark Ages project was started. Basics of this was to shut down the majority of the site and allow others to rework it. Note I said "2 years" ago here. This revamp was supposed to be quick. Obviously it was not.

Flashforward (Faster than fastforward and more abrupt) to this past Sunday. As time when on, Baja (Rod) and Maul (Matt) became the leaders (of what has become a dictatorship) of CL. On the 8 of December, 2002, a prayer was answered. Behind the scenes, I have been privy and partner to many a scheme to either buy out or overthrow these two jackasses. But they decided to leave on their own. They are leaving ownership of the site (which is payed in full for the next year or so) to the next leader. Passwords, keys n' all. And my dear friend/lead partner in crime for some of the aforementioned plans Anubis (Dave) is in position to be that elected leader. I am actually happy for this turn of events.

Side note: http://www.earthandbeyond.ea.com
Addictive. Everquest in space. 5 shards/galaxy/server sets to play on. Numerous skills, abilities. Unique leveling system (3 types of exp: Trade, Explore, Combat. Gain levels independently. 150 levels total (50 each type)) Just plain addictive.

If you join, remember that Darkrowan79 referred you. And If you want to look for me, I play on Galileo Shard, with either Bonesaw or IncredibleHulk.

Updated December 14th, '02 9:10am  


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