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My Corner of the Forest

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Journal Jamboree
Dec 13th, 2002 9:26 pm - Pacific Time Journal
A month of too much work... and more to come

For the past month, I feel I have been worked to the bone. My last post is nothing compared to my next week. 3 different 'big pushes' (as my mother calls them... makes it feel like I'm in labor at work or something). I have yet to receive all parts to any of them.

1) SC Johnson has some new products going out in Target stores. At first there were to be 4 product coupon sets to arrive by last Wed. Not so.. first I only get 1/2 the total. Then SCJ decided that one of these was not to even be shipped to stores. Needless to say, our efforts to return the 12 boxes of stickers for this product at their expense. Past that, for the other 3, I am still waiting for the other 1/2 of the stickers (so I can ship the rest of the bad one back to them... I hope they shove it up their asses >_<). In the mean time, I stuff what I have into packages. Fun.

2) The company I work for kisses ass. Majorly. More so at xmas than any other. Thats why we are sending 163 different ppl chocolate. Large ass boxes for maybe 5-9lbs of stuff. Amazing logic here. My 2nd is building this one, leaving me to do #1 by myself (read: slow going for both of us).

3) Marketing Department (which operates like a different company and deals w/ many varied clients) is doing the same thing as #2, but add in wine and other goodies. All of which I never see. They are doing this one themselves. Thank the Lord and Lady for that.

Oh... forgot to mention that they don't have the xmas cards to complete them. So it sits, cluttering up 2+ rooms (#2 has 2 rooms on our floor, and I don't know the room it takes up in Marketing).

F*** Kissmyass (Christmas)... wtf is my Yule log, I need to burn something down w/o getting in trouble. And I just know there will be more work the next corner I turn.

</ vent>

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