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Nov 11th, 2002 7:12 pm - Pacific Time Journal
Mondays Suck

200 x 10 = 400lbs+ of crap I have to mail.

If you read my previous entries (please do ~_^), at my work we have these things called IRC's. Usually they come on cardboard rolls, and tend to have each one stick to another roll. Thats the least annoying part. The core itself, if you are trying to send a lot of rolls to one place, is the worst of the worst. So we 'de-core' tons. It's better than what we use to do: crush and shove in envelopes.

Anyways, I and my 2nd Dustin had to have de-cored 1000+ rolls in 2 days. And stuffed 175+ packages. Over the past week and a half. A lot of it done by me since he works part-time. And now, tomorrow, I get to post it all.
To top it off, some higher-up signed up my ass to have had it all out (the client she works for rather) on friday. Nice... thank you for that, dumbass.

Then the next cycle mail. I need a vacation again already. !_!

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