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Oct 24th, 2002 9:18 pm - Pacific Time Journal
Work slow, benefits good, and what am I to do for Sam Hain????

Wow, been a while since I posted to the journal. Amazing ^_^

Anyhooters, work has been slow past week. My boss was out for a week (Mum in law passed on) and my only other source of work, Stephy, is out because of surgery (She's got her oven removed *winks*). So that entire week I was w/o work. And now I am.

Benefits, rather I should say mail of info about (medical, dental, Accidental Death & Dismemberment), out to people has been my work. The Psycho mailing has hardly anything. So I sit there, sealing envelopes (To my horror today: I found out they were trying to glue stick, lick, and shut the envelopes. Same ones I can shoot out at 2.5/sec through my machine and seal easier o.O). Yeah. I can't wait for the weekend -_-.

Another note: My B-Day, Halloween, is coming up AND I HAVE NOTHING PLANNED!!! There's a potato potluck the day of, and I'm taking off the next day. But nothing to do !_! any suggestions (invitations?)?

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