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Kaycee Nichole, the friend who wasn't

It began early in 1999.  I had just become a "Host" on CollegeClub.com, a college community site, and one of the duties given us was to promote use of the chat system by hosting special chat events.  I chose to host a chat for the advice club I had created, called LoveLine.  My first few chats were a little underwhelming, not even hitting the double-digits in total visitors.  But eventually my little chats started to build a sizeable following.  One of the repeat visitors was a girl who went by the name Kutebabe.  She said her name was Kaycee, and often shortened it to the simple two-letter acronym, KC.  I had seen her on the site occasionally before, and knew she was friends with a few of the more active people, including some of my fellow Hosts.  I got to know her over the next few weeks, telling her about my life, listening to hers, and occasionally offering advice on different issues she was dealing with.  She confided some things in me, and showed me her vulnerable side.  She became my friend.

My hosted chats increased in popularity, and my club began to grow.  I grew to realise that people came to these chats not just to hear me preach, but to get the advice of all of those who attended.  I loved that thought.  I wanted everyone to benefit from the varied perspectives offered in the Club.  KC helped me to emphasize that, and she became an active member of the club in addition to the chats, where her assistance was invaluable.  With the encouragement of all of the Hosts, KC chose to join our ranks.  Together, we hosted the Love and Relationships Campus (now called Channel) and we had a great time doing it.  We became close friends, shared personal stories.  KC was a partner to me in my quest to help anyone and everyone who sought help in matters of the heart.

Then came the horrible day when I was told KC had been diagnosed with cancer.  I was heartbroken.  This wonderful, energetic girl who had already suffered the loss of friends, problems with high school teachers, and so much more, was now given only three months to live.  Life continued on despite this revelation and eventually with real-life obligations, I could no longer fulfil my duties as a Campus Host for CC.  I tried hard to keep up with my LoveLine club, but eventually that too had to be abandoned.  I left it in KC's capable hands, and the club flourished.  By that time it had gone from 300 members strong to 3000, thanks to hosted chats and the invaluable assistance KC provided.  It was (and still is) the biggest advice club on CollegeClub.

Finally, I was able to resume my full duties in LoveLine, but by this time, KC had worsened and was in the hospital.  I was horribly saddened by this news.  I was certain she could pull through, and once again prove the doctors wrong.  Because she was in the hospital, my contact with her became limited.

Time passed, and eventually I created www.LoveRocksCafe.com and wanted to show the fruit of my efforts to her.  I wanted her to see the furthering of that goal I had established so long before.  I sent her an email on Thursday, May 17th.  I got a response that same day, but forgot to check my email for several days.  It was days before I finally read it.  KC's mom had emailed me telling me that KC passed away on May 14th 2001.   I was crushed.  I decided that I would dedicate my site to her memory so that I could honor this noble soul that I had gotten to know so well over the years.

I read old emails from her.  I visited her site.  I checked her links.  I wanted to find something that would show the world what KC had been to me, what a great friend, what a beautiful person.  Instead I found news that shocked me to the core.  KC did not die on that fateful Monday.  She had never even been born.  KC was a hoax.  One of the greatest friends I had ever known was a lie told to me by someone I never even knew.

I miss you, KC, though you were no more than an ideal in the misguided mind of people I never met.  The world is lessened by this horrible tragedy... and travesty.

Written By GoldenPanther

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