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[Update] The Panther is a Panthress
I've long wanted to post this here but held back out of fear that I wasnt ready to do so.

I am trans.  I am a woman.  I am me.

It may shock many of you that I seem to be changing.  But in truth whether anyone knew it or not (including myself as I fought the thought for so long) I have always been a girl.
Now I just get to show that to the world:)
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- GoldenPanther

[Update] Reaching out to old friends
[Post edited by: GoldenPanther on December 22nd 7:46amPST]

Found one of my old friends on fb yesterday, worked up the nerve to say hi in spite of some err changes Ive gone through.  Nice to hear back if only briefly. Miss you all though, old friends.

- GoldenPanther

[Update] Sweet 16
LRC is now 16 years old. Wowsers.

- GoldenPanther


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